Yet another Hacker News client for iOS

Simple, fast, intuitive and elegant. HNBuddy will make your browsing experience precisely as good as its developer's programming skills permit it to be!

Offline bookmarks

Save the posts you want to read later, even for offline reading.

Keep track of all the posts you read and manage your favorites.

Expandable, rich discussion threads

Browse all the discussions in an efficient and pleasant way. Enjoy well formatted comments.

Customisable reader

Activate the reader to take control over the font size, style and theme of each article.


Light & Dark themes

Choose between two themes or let the app automatically pick one according to the time and brightness of your screen.


HNBuddy is entirely free of cost and ads.


Credentials are only used to log you in to Hacker News and are not shared with any third-party. The entire sign-in process is open source and documented here.


Optimized to load and render content smoothly.

Simple & Intuitive

Provides an intuitive and attractive UI.

What people think


"Only two things are infinite, the universe and the quality of this app."
A. Einstein


"I don't always browse Hacker News, but when I do it's with HNBuddy."
That guy with the beer


"This app is the reason the iPhone was created."
S. Jobs


"L xvh wklv dss hyhubgdb, dqg L oryh lw!"
J. Caesar

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